The ability to change attachments is what makes our bobcat so versatile.

Driveway Grader

grader-1Our Bobcat and grader are the perfect fit for your driveway, building it up with new Door County limestone gravel and a crown to shed the water. Restore and add new life and value to your property with a smooth, hard driving surface that is a pleasure to use.

Root Grapple

grapple-bucket-150Picks up large bulky material like brush and logs. Pulls out bushes such as junipers.

Brush Cat

brushcat-1A very powerful bush hog mower that mounts on the front of our Bobcat. We can grind juniper bushes, sumac and other small brush as well as tall field grass and clean up your valuable property. Turns brush into mulch.

Post Hole Digger

posthole-1Augers holes for fencing projects, trees or deck footings. 9″ and 12″ are the most common size holes that we drill but just about any size up to 32″ is possible.

All Terrain Fork Lift

forklift-1A set of forks on the front turns the bobcat into all terrain fork lift. We have had the opportunity to move some pretty unique things into the strangest places over the years.

Land Plane

landplane-2Level large areas with the 10 foot wide land plane.

Landscape Rake

landscape-rake-150x150The landsccape rake grooms the soil, picks up rocks and debris, leaves the ground prepared and ready for seed.