Nothing quite says country living like a gravel driveway. While the driveway should not be the focal point of a property it does accent it and lends to the first impression as you and your guests enter.

As driveways age they tend to deteriorate. Heavy rains, freezing and thawing and winter snow removal all take their toll on your driveway. Problem areas such as low spots continue to hold water long after the last rain. Potholes form and soon navigating your drive can be a chore. Hitting potholes or wash boarding on a daily basis puts unnecessary wear and tear on your vehicle.

We specialize in gravel driveway repairs and maintenance. For over 15 years we have owned Bobcat equipment. In that time we have become experts in installation, care and repair of gravel driveways. Our Bobcat and grader are the perfect fit for your driveway needs. While each driveway is unique, the solution is often to build up trouble areas with the proper material and encourage proper draining of water from the driving surface. We can build up your drive with new gravel and give it a crown to shed the water. We use a local Door County limestone gravel that has the right mix of stone and fines to pack down and stay in place, restoring and adding new life and value to the property. The ultimate goal is to create a smooth, hard driving surface that is a pleasure to use.

We offer preventative maintenance plans as well. Get on our list for a quick touch-up grading to keep the problems away. Once on the list we will contact you in the spring and bring the grader through your drive. This is a great time to clean up any mess and damage from snow removal.

pdf-artworkDownload our Gravel Driveways document (PDF) for an excellent list of tips for a quality driveway from Country Acres Bobcat Services.

Property Management

Although we are not a tree service you can often find our bobcat in the woods cleaning up logs, dead trees and brush. The large grapple bucket attachment makes short work of this big job of handling bulky material, giving you better access to your woods. In addition we can cut trails and apply wood chips or gravel to paths giving your property that “park feel”.

The bobcat brush cat attachment is a brush mower that mounts on the front of the bobcat. It can mow down junipers, sumac and small trees up to two inches in diameter. This mower is more powerful than a bush hog mower on a tractor and has better maneuverability on the bobcat.

Many of out clients want to work on their property themselves but lack the equipment to do so effectively. Combining our Bobcat with your labor is a winning solution. We can move that pile of dirt for you, shape a berm, spread mulch or chips with speed or place those large boulders right where you want them.


We build trails of all different types from simply cutting a path all the way up to wheelchair accessible nature trails.

Wood chips are a common base for a trail. They blend in to the forest floor and cushion your walk. Our Bobcat makes short work of moving the many chips into the woods.

We have installed miles of gravel trail, some for ATV access while others are handicap-accessible nature paths for state parks and private recreational areas.


We provide light landscaping and build retaining walls.

Our equipment makes building retaining walls a natural fit. Wood retaining walls can be built with stacked timbers or local logs from the sawmill. Then again, Door County limestone walls blend into any yard.

We can also move piles of dirt, shape a berm, spread mulch or chips with speed and place large boulders.


The ability to change attachments is what makes our bobcat so versatile.

Driveway Grader

grader-1Our Bobcat and grader are the perfect fit for your driveway, building it up with new Door County limestone gravel and a crown to shed the water. Restore and add new life and value to your property with a smooth, hard driving surface that is a pleasure to use.

Root Grapple

grapple-bucket-150Picks up large bulky material like brush and logs. Pulls out bushes such as junipers.

Brush Cat

brushcat-1A very powerful bush hog mower that mounts on the front of our Bobcat. We can grind juniper bushes, sumac and other small brush as well as tall field grass and clean up your valuable property. Turns brush into mulch.

Post Hole Digger

posthole-1Augers holes for fencing projects, trees or deck footings. 9″ and 12″ are the most common size holes that we drill but just about any size up to 32″ is possible.

All Terrain Fork Lift

forklift-1A set of forks on the front turns the bobcat into all terrain fork lift. We have had the opportunity to move some pretty unique things into the strangest places over the years.

Land Plane

landplane-2Level large areas with the 10 foot wide land plane.

Landscape Rake

landscape-rake-150x150The landsccape rake grooms the soil, picks up rocks and debris, leaves the ground prepared and ready for seed.


Aside from a Bobcat, we have a few tractors that we use for different applications. This includes using various other attachments, like pulling a tree planter to plant seedlings for nature conservancy.